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What To Put Under Inflatable Hot Tub: 5 Expert Tips

There are a few things you can put under an inflatable pool. You can pick Gravel as a cost-effective hot tub foundation. Concrete is another top pick because of its durability. You can put pavers or synthetic pads too. However, try decking if you want the best view in your tub. 

It would help to keep something stable and durable under the hot tub for support. Stick here with this article and know in detail what to put under an inflatable hot tub. It’s essential to learn about the pros and cons of the hot tub base rather than spending on any random one. 

Do I Need A Base To Put Under An Inflatable Hot Tub? Source

You must have spent a lot of bucks after building a luxurious hot tub. Knowing a good maintenance process is essential to make your hot tub’s service life longer. 

For that, you better pick the right type of base to put under your hot tub. It is a must to protect the tub from premature wear and tear.

This is recommended by professionals to protect the tub from damage and leakages. Without the base, it is hard to keep the tub in its place. You will have a hard time dealing with this hot tub when it is filled with water. 

Moreover, putting them on some uneven surface without support will cause water loss and dump problems. 

Putting anything under your hot tub is not a personal preference anymore. Getting a good base is a must to maintain the tub well. 

Things to Consider For an Inflatable Hot Tub Base

There might be a lot of options you can use as an inflatable hot tub base. Whichever option you pick, it must be easy to maintain.

The base should have a good drainage system as well. You must go for those bases that are not that chunky and tough to move. 

It should be portable and easy to install

As the inflatable tub is not permanent, going for any permanent base would be a waste of bucks. 

Remember, the surface should be flat and smooth. It should be efficient enough to hold the tub and water. Fr that, people prefer something sturdy to avoid breakages.

What To Put Under Inflatable Hot Tub: 5 Best Base

There are a lot of popular bases to put under inflatable hot tubs. The best one only depends on your budget, location, and tub materials. Let’s check out the most popular bases people prefer:

1. Gravel Base

Getting a gravel base will cost you around $1 to $3 per square foot. This base is basically made with 3 to 4 inches crushed stones. 

Gravel Base

This would be perfect for anyone who wants a low-level show on their lawn. It is sturdy enough to keep the hot tub in its place perfectly. 

The gravel base will also help to keep the tub clean. It will make your feet clean before getting into the hot tub.

Installing this base is also not an issue. You just need to remove grasses and fill the place with crushed stones. It looks really attractive and gives your lawn a touch of nature. You will love this base if you love fountains. 

This doesn’t have any maintenance issues as well. However, this might feel hard on your feet. This seems to be a drawback for many. 


  • Durable 
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Looks naturally beautiful


  • Hard stones might hurt your feet.

2. Concrete Pavers/ Slab

Concrete slabs/ pavers are another durable base to put under your hot tub. If you have a heavy and big size hot tub, this one can be a good pick. 

Concrete Pavers

They require $10 to $17 to build a stable, concrete pad/salad as a hot tub base.

With this base, you can get rid of unbalanced issues. It is easy to make these concrete pads/slabs at home by yourself. This DIY base will save you a lot of bucks. 

These are quite easy to move, and you can fix them both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, you can design and paint concentrate on your house’s surroundings. 

However, make sure the concrete is smooth and leveled enough. This will keep the tub protected from tilting and sloping. 

However, make sure the concrete is dried enough before you put the tub over it. It is suggested to make the concrete a few days before getting the tub in your house. 


  • Flexible 
  • Easy to design and paint
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Making it is a lot of work. 

3. Deck

Decks are preferred for such houses where it is tough to find leveled ground. You can get a good deck as your hot tub base for $20 to $25.

This also gives the facility of having direct access to the tub from indoors. Decks are required to be set above two feet from the ground level. This makes the tub capable of holding more than 100 lbs weight per square foot. 

A deck can last around a few years over its use. That might not be durable and rough for long time use. If you put extra weight on the tub, the deck might fall.

The best thing is decks are customizable, and you can make them regarding your house interior. To maintain the safety precautions, you might have to hire professionals. 


  • Customizable
  • Looks beautiful
  • Flat and smooth


  • Not durable enough

4. Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles as a hot tub base is popular for different designs and durability. You will get to use different types of tiles here for various designs. You can use wooden tiles. Foam tillers or plastic tiles.

Wooden tiles are preferred if you want a solid and luxurious base. They look stunning but are hard to maintain.

Foam tiles are perfect for hot areas. It prevents heat and makes you feel comfortable. The best thing is they are comparatively more water resistant.

Lastly, plastic tubs are known for providing more flexibility than other tiles. You can get them customized regarding your house interior. It is suitable both in your house and outside on your lawn. 


  • Looks stunning
  • Customizable
  • Stable


  • Expensive 

5. Synthetic Tub pad

Synthetic tub pads are easy to maintain based on the list. They are quite affordable and cut off most of your hard work as well. 

You don’t have to do any extra work here. Setting up this pad is quick and effortless. You have to follow no tough maintenance rules as well.

Its interlocking system makes the pads easier to dismantle. If we talk about the construction, they are sturdy, smooth, and stable. 

Many brands might offer you good warranties as well. So, you can expect good durability regarding the price.


  • Stable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable


  • Not that durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grass A Suitable Inflatable Hot Tub Base?

Although many people prefer grass to put under an inflatable hot tub, it is not suitable. The first reason is the grass will be damaged. Grass has a soft texture, and it might not be able to hold the hot tub in place for too long. 

Where to Put An Inflatable Hot Tub?

You can put your hot tub both indoors and outdoors. Consider putting the tub somewhere so you can enjoy a good view. People mostly prefer to place the hot tub on their lawn or Terrance. Wherever you place them, make sure to have a good drainage system. 

Is it necessary to use a ground cloth under an inflatable hot tub?

Yes, you can use it. A ground cloth or a protective mat can help shield the tub from damage due to rough or uneven surfaces. It also provides an extra layer of insulation, which helps maintain water temperature.

Wrap Up

What you decide to put under your inflatable hot tub depends on your budget, available space, and personal preference. Regardless of your choice, ensure it offers stability, insulation, and protection from potential damage.

Remember, the joy of relaxing in a hot tub comes with the responsibility of maintaining it, and that starts with a good foundation.


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