Iron in Hot Tub Water

Remove Iron from Hot Tub Water: The Ultimate Guide

Luckily, there are a few ways to dissolve Iron from your hot tub. The most popular and effective way is shocking. Here you have to use chlorine to balance the pH level. You can also install iron filters to keep your hot tub water clean. Some also get effective results by only draining and refilling the tub water. 

If you notice brown/green/discolored water in your hot tub, get concerned. These are irons that can damage your hot tub permanently. So, stick with this article and learn how to remove Iron from hot tub water effectively.

How Do I Know If My Hot Tub Has Too Much Iron?

Although there has a proper way to do the iron test, you can identify Iron in your tub even without any scientific tests.

If your hot tub water has Iron, you will get brown scum floating over the tub. Iron will make your tub water nasty and cloudy. The watercolor usually gets brown or green if the iron level is too high. Also, there can be foam built up over the water.  

All these happen if somehow the water pH level gets disrupted. The chlorine and bromine in the water start reacting because of the high levels of iron. And this makes the metallic component turn green/ brown.

Generally, clean and healthy water pH level should be 7.8 on maximum. Well, Iron and other metals are natural elements of water. However, anything over their minimum level makes the chlorine and bromine react in your water and cause such water.

Why Should You Not Allow Iron In Your Hot Tub Water?

Iron water in your hot tub might not affect the human body directly; it is still an unwanted issue for the tub. Well, Iron does permanent damage to the tub.

Let’s check out what are those unwanted things that iron does to your tub: 

First of all, the water will look gross and make your tub look unattractive. Iron changes the water color and makes it look filthy. Most of the hot tubs are made of metals. And such filthy water will cause corrosion and sometimes breakages.

Also, corrosion can damage your tub heater, pipe, pump, and other parts. All these will cause leakages, clogged filters, and staining issues. Sometimes, these iron stains get permanent and make your tub look dirty forever. 

Bathing with iron water day after day will damage your hair and skin too. You better avoid these issues by removing the Iron in your hot tub water as soon as possible.

How To Remove Iron From Hot Tub Water? : Step By Step Source

Nobody likes filthy-looking water in their hot tub. After all, you deserve a relaxing time in your tub. Here is the process you can try to remove Iron from hot tub water:

Step 1: Test the Iron Level

There is a professional test kit to measure the pH level of water; if the pH level seems too high, that means the Iron in your tub water is too much. 

To begin the process of iron removal, you first need to confirm its presence. You can do this using an iron test kit, which you can purchase from most pool and spa supply stores or from Amazon online.

The kit will typically include test strips and a color chart. You dip the strip into the water, wait for it to change color, and then compare it with the chart to determine the iron concentration.

test the Iron in water

If the chart indicates that particular color is above the safe level, move toward the following process. Regular testing can help maintain the optimal water chemistry in your hot tub.

Step 2: Chemical Treatment

Although they have severe DIY solutions, you will get the best result out of chemical treatments. The most common treatments are: 

You can try oxidation/ shocking to remove Iron from the water; Here, the process requires hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. You just have to pour this chemical in the right amount in the tub and turn on the Jet. This Jet will circulate the tub water and make sure the chemical is reaching everywhere in the tub.

There are some other chemical solutions as well. Iron Oxide remover is another incredible chemical that is concentrated to remove high levels of Iron thoroughly.

This type of remover typically contains acidic ingredients that dissolve the rust or iron oxide deposits. This will also help you in removing rough iron stains.

Step 3: Filter The Iron water

Well, you can just install a professional tub filter to avoid Iron from your tub water. However, there is an incredible trick with socks that can also help you in removing Iron from the tub and fill it with well water. This trick is essential if your tub filter has gone old and is not working thoroughly. 

Take an old and clean sock and pair them together by interesting one into another. Now, get a rubber band and secure the socks in the head of the tub filter pipe. 

Now, you must start the filter and let the process last 2/ 3 days. You will notice visible results by day one. 

Step 4: Follow a Good Maintenance Routine

Well, cleaning the Iron for once will not bring any permanent solution. You need to take good care of the tub. Make sure you’re cleaning the tub water regularly. 

Also, if any part of the hot tub gets old and rusty, you better replace it immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of iron stains From your hot tub?

You can use Some homemade DIY solutions and scrub off the stains easily. White vinegar and baking soda in the amount of 1:3 do a great job here. Remember, you need to use a soft scrubber while cleaning the stains. 

How do you get minerals out of hot tub water?

You can use a water softener, use clarifying agents and try adding mineral neutralizers. There are both homemade and commercial products that will get minerals out of the hot tub. 

How often should I check for iron in my hot tub water?

It is recommended to check for iron in your hot tub water every time you refill it, or at least once a month if you use it regularly.

Wrap Up

Here you already know how to remove iron from the hot tub water. If your tub has cloudy or discolored water,  try immediately getting rid of the iron.

Else, they will cause stubborn stains on the tub. That might cost you a lot of bucks in the future.


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