Is Black Mold in Hot Tub Dangerous?

Is Black mold in a hot tub dangerous? This question is very common, especially for lazy people who used to clean their hot tubs not too often.

Well, the answer is yes, the black mold in the hot tub can be very dangerous for the users as it usually appears because of some toxic fungus.

Black mold is not the only type of mold you can see in your tub. But it is the most common type of mold and people consider it as a very common problem.

Essentially, removing the mold is quite a hassle for many many of us. But the right direction can make it easy for anyone.

What Is Black Mold?

Black mold is a common fungus that usually appears in wet places like in the hot tub. Though it appears in the wet place, the comparatively warmer place is their first preference. That’s why hot is the perfect field for them to grow.

In most cases, black molds appear in the hot tub because of poor maintenance. A dirty filter and the organic materials in the tub water can grow molds all around the tub.

So, the basic reason for black mold growing in the tub is the dirt in the tub that is not cleaned for long. Also, a grimy filter is another reason behind this problem.

Is Black Mold in Hot Tubs Dangerous?

Without any doubt, black mold is very dangerous for your health. According to the Cleveland Clinic, black molds are not life-threatening all the time, still, it can cause cough, eye irritation, etc.

Also, there are many people who are highly allergic to the fungus that causes mold. For them, it can be even more dangerous.

Besides, there can be mycotoxins in the mold that can cause serious issues if it has direct contact with the part of your body having a scratch or cut on the skin. These mycotoxins are full of highly toxic compounds that can cause severe health issues.

It can also be dangerous if somehow you or your kids inhale or drink the water containing the fungi from the mold. For all these reasons, it is always suggested to keep your hot tub clean and change the water frequently so that black mold can’t be produced so easily.

How to Remove Black Mold from a Hot Tub?

Removing the black mold from the hot tub is pretty easy and it doesn’t need you to call a professional. You can simply check out the following steps to clean the tub by yourself.

Step 1: Remove All the Debris

The first thing to do is to clean the tub properly. You can use any generic detergent or dirt cleaner formula.

Make sure to take extra caution, as there are many detergents and formulas containing harsh chemicals.

Step 2: Try the Shocking Process

In this phase, you have to shock your spa or hot tub with bromine or chlorine formula. This will kill the existing molds and prevent them from growing again.

You have to put some water into the tub or spa then add the shock mix with the water. Then let the hot tub circulate with the mix for a couple of hours. After the wait, you have to drain the water away.

Step 3: Drain Tub Water

After shocking the spa, you have to drain the spa or tub and let the residuals go away. The draining process can be done with algaecide which is a chemical for killing off the organic matter and molds on the hot tub.

Step 4: Overlook the Filter

Now, you have to check the filters. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis. For that, you need to remove or reassemble all the filters in the hot tub or spa system.

If there is any debris, mold, or junk buildup, clean them as much as you can. After cleaning, put them in their place.

Step 5: Clean the Tub Surface

In this step, you have to wipe the whole surface of the hot tub, at least the visible parts. It is better to use a damp cloth or a cleaning cloth with some sort of detergent or cleaning formula.

For pesky spots, you can use scrub brushes from the market. Before refilling the water into the tub, you have to remove all the cleaning products from the surface.

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Step 6: Sanctify Hot Tub’s Accessories

Now, you have to clean all the accessories that are lying on the hot tub or come into contact with it while using. They tend to get mold in the first place. The worst thing can happen now that the spa is clean but molds come again by lingering with a handy tool like a soap case, brush kit, etc.

Clean them up with detergent, so they could be free of mold and other organic traces. You can also give them a mild scrub and after that let them dry.

Step 7: Fill the Tub with Water

Now, you can fill the tub with fresh water again. Well, it is best to double-check everything before filling up the spa or pool.

If you see any trace of mold growth, get rid of them immediately, so that the black molds can not get hold of the tub or spa.

This is the best way you can get rid of the irritating black mold from your hot tub.

FAQs Related to Black Mold in Hot Tub/Spa

Is black mold toxic to the touch?

Black mold is not always toxic to the touch unless it contains monotonic components. Even if it doesn’t have such a component, still, it can be dangerous to touch as many people can be allergic to this black mold.

What is the home-made that can remove black mold?

A homemade solution like a mixture of baking soda and distilled white vinegar can help get rid of black mold.

Can people be allergic to black mold in hot tubs?

Yes, people can be allergic to the fungus that causes black mold in the hot tub. Especially if the person inhales or drinks a tub of water by any means that contains black mold, he can have a severe allergic reaction.

Wrapping Up

For sure, black mold in the hot tub is not a good thing and you should never ignore it by any means. Though it is not severely dangerous to health, it can cause different health issues, especially if you have allergic reactions.

However, preventing the problem is the best way in this case. For that, you should regularly clean the tub, check the filter, check the pH in the water, and remove any type of foreign element from the tub.


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