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How to Level Your Hot Tub Like Pro: 9 Ultimate Tips

Have you recently purchased a hot tub for your backyard oasis? If yes or have an exciting one, it can be a bit frustrating when you realize that the ground beneath it isn’t level. So, how to level a hot tub?

You can level uneven ground under your hot tub by using a concrete pad, using plastic shims if the ground is uneven by an inch, using a leveler, or pouring new concrete. You can also do it by adjusting the ground with compacted gravel, and using hot tub pads or permeable pavers.

All these might sound complicated and unfamiliar to you. But don’t worry! here, I’ll walk you through the steps to level your hot tub so that you can enjoy your relaxing dip without any worries.

Why Should You Level A Hot Tub?

Why should you level a hot tub? Because a level hot tub not only looks better but it also ensures that the weight of the water is distributed evenly. It prevents damage to the structure of your tub.

It also helps to prevent water from overflowing in one area. It can potentially cause damage to the surrounding area. So, before you start enjoying your hot tub, it’s important to make sure it is placed on a level surface.

Let’s know the top 9 Tips to level your hot tube

1. Consider The Slope

It’s important to consider the slope of the ground where you plan to install the hot tub.

As I mentioned earlier, hot tubs perform best on a level surface with a slope no greater than half an inch per foot.

Any slope measuring over an inch is not suitable for a hot tub, and you’ll need to take action to level the ground beneath it. Depending on the severity of the slope, you may choose to use plastic shims or a leveler to adjust its position.

For larger slopes, you may need to consider pouring new concrete, building a raised pad, or using permeable pavers. Whatever method you choose, be sure to assess the accessibility of the hot tub location. You can also use a bubble level to ensure accuracy.

2. Using A Concrete Pad To Create A Level Surface

If you want to ensure your hot tub stays level for a long time, you should consider using a concrete pad to create a level surface.

Concrete Pad To Create A Level Surface
Concrete smooth pad

This is especially true if you have a sloped installation area. Using a concrete pad will not only level the surface, but it will also provide a strong and durable foundation for your hot tub.

Keep in mind that pouring concrete can be expensive and time-consuming, so it’s important to make sure it’s the best option for your situation.

You should also consider the weight and size of your hot tub. And don’t forget to use a bubble level to ensure the accuracy of the concrete pad’s leveling.

3. Use Plastic Shims

Now let’s talk about using plastic shims to level your hot tub. If your hot tub is resting on a concrete surface that is out of level by an inch or less, then heavy-duty plastic shims are the way to go.

Most hot tubs come with shim points, so all you need to do is slide the shims into place. You have to use enough shims to distribute the weight of the hot tub evenly.

If you need to use more than one shim under a single leg, make sure they are the same thickness.

You need to adjust the shims as necessary to ensure stability and safety.

4. Using A Leveler

Now, let’s talk about the option of using a leveler. You have to assess the slope and determine the accessibility of the location in the same way I discussed earlier.

Once you have done this, you can choose a spa leveler that suits your needs. The Spa Level-R™ is a great option to securely elevate your hot tub off the ground.

It’ll encourage proper water run-off. Using a leveler will provide a solid and stable base that’s perfect for this purpose.

Don’t forget to check the stability of the surface and ensure that it can handle the weight of your hot tub.

5. Pouring New Concrete

If your hot tub installation area has a slope greater than 1 inch, pouring new concrete may be the best solution to level it.

  • You can start by clearing the area and creating a bed of sand according to the size of the hot tub.
  • Then, you will want to lay down rebar and pour the new concrete.
  • Be sure to scrape up the existing concrete so that the new one adheres well.
  • While it’s still moldable, use a straight edge and bubble level to ensure accuracy.
  • Finally, let the concrete cure for at least a week before you start moving your hot tub onto it.
  • By taking the time to pour new concrete, you can ensure a level, stable, and safe base.

6. Adjusting The Ground Beneath The Hot Tub Using Compacted Gravel

One effective way to adjust the ground beneath your hot tub is by using compacted gravel. Remember, you need at least 4″ of crushed stone (gravel) to support it.

  • First, clear the area of any grass, rocks, or debris.
  • Then, add a layer of gravel and use a plate compactor to compress and level the surface.
  • Continue adding layers of gravel and compacting until you have reached the desired height.
  • Use a level to ensure the surface is even and adjust as needed.
  • This is an important step to ensure your hot tub stays in place and doesn’t shift over time.
  • The next step is to choose the best foundation option for your hot tub.

7. Installing Hot Tub Pads

Installing hot tub pads is another great way to level your hot tub. These pads are great because you can place them directly on grass, dirt, or gravel. It’ll provide a flat and well-supported surface for your hot tub.

Hot Tub Pads
A tub on the hot tub pad

These pads are specifically designed to bear the weight of a hot tub, making them a reliable solution. Plus, they are easy to install and do not require extensive digging or leveling.

However, it is still important to make sure that the ground beneath the pads is level and stable to avoid any future issues.

8. Build A Raised Pad

Building a raised pad can be a great solution to level a hot tub. This method involves creating a new surface that’s level and stable.

  • To build a raised pad, you’ll need to excavate the area beneath your hot tub and fill it with soil or gravel until you reach the desired height.
  • After smoothing the surface, you can lay a fabric liner to prevent grass from growing.
  • You’ll then need to install the base material, such as pavers or concrete, and build up the sides to create a level platform.

Raised pads provide excellent stability and water drainage for your hot tub, and they can enhance the look of your outdoor living space.

9. Permeable Pavers

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option for a hot tub base, permeable pavers may just be the solution you need.

Pavers can provide that stability while also being eco-friendly. It allows water to pass through and helps the ground to absorb moisture.

permeable pavers
Permeable pavers surface

Pavers come in a variety of styles and designs so that you can choose one that matches your backyard aesthetic.

Just be sure to use caution when installing, follow proper leveling techniques, and regularly check for any necessary adjustments. With the right approach, permeable pavers can be a smart and environmentally conscious choice for your hot tub base.

Factors You Should Consider While Leveling Your Hot Tub

Determine The Size And Weight Of Your Hot Tub

It’s fundamental to determine the size and weight of your hot tub. This is crucial information you’ll need for leveling a hot tub properly.

You don’t want to be caught off-guard with an oversized hot tub that weighs more than your surface can handle. Take into account the weight of any additional features like jets, weights, and speakers.

Once you have this information, you can plan for the appropriate surface. It can be a concrete pad, permeable pavers, or a raised pad. Remember, working with a professional hardscape contractor will ensure that your hot tub foundation can handle the weight and last for years to come.

Check The Stability Of The Surface

It’s also important to check the stability of the surface. Whatever method you might be using, the surface that your hot tub sits on must be stable and strong enough to hold its weight.

All the methods I’ve mentioned earlier can also add stability and prevent erosion. By taking the time to check the stability of the surface, you can enjoy your hot tub with peace of mind knowing that it’s securely in place.

Consider the slope of the ground and water drainage

You must consider the slope of the ground and water drainage. If your hot tub is on uneven concrete, you can level it with shims as long as the slope is less than one inch.

For steeper slopes, you may need to adjust the ground beneath the hot tub using compacted gravel or build a raised pad.

Hot tubs are best suited to permeable paving with good drainage, which is where permeable pavers come in. These pavers reduce overall runoff, level, and come in various sizes and styles.

Assess The Accessibility To The Hot Tub Location

When considering the accessibility of your hot tub location, it’s important to think about how you’ll deliver the tub and install it.

Ensure the pathway and location is clear of any obstacles like low eaves, gas/water meters, or air conditioning units. These could make it challenging for you to maneuver the hot tub.

You want to make sure the delivery crew has a clear path and enough space to get the tub to its final position. It’s also essential to think about long-term access for any maintenance or repairs that you may need.

Consider using concrete or permeable pavers for your paths and access areas to prevent dirt, sand, and foliage. Taking these steps will make both delivery and maintenance much easier in the long run.

Tips to Use a bubble level to ensure accuracy

Now that you’ve chosen the method to level your hot tub, it’s time to ensure that everything is perfectly balanced.

bubble level
  • To do that, you’ll need a bubble-level tool.
  • Place it on the surface of the hot tub and adjust until the bubble is centered.
  • Make sure to check both sides of the hot tub and in different directions to ensure an accurate reading.

Take your time with this step and be meticulous before you start filling your tub. Once everything is level, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your soaking experience worry-free.


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