How To Keep Frogs Out Of A Hot Tub

How To Keep Frogs Out Of A Hot Tub: Ultimate Guide!

You can keep frogs out of your hot tub 1st understanding why they're attracted to it and implementing effective deterrent methods. These include covering your tub, installing a frog fence, regular cleaning, using frog repellants, and considering a hot tub enclosure.

Keeping frogs out of your hot tub can be a perplexing problem for you. Also, their presence isn’t just an annoyance; it can also lead to unwanted bacteria and potential damage to your tub. So you should know how to keep frogs out of a hot tub in the right ways.

This guide will offer up-to-date information and some easy steps to frog-proof your hot tub and maintain a peaceful, frog-free soak.

Why Are Frogs Attracted To Hot Tubs?

Frogs are attracted to hot tubs because of the warm and cozy environment of the tub. They enjoy the tub as much as you do. 

Also, frogs love moist and dark environments. Around the hot tub, they get both a wet atmosphere and dark places. Especially if you have an outside hot tub, there is a greater chance of frog attack. During the cold and dry seasons, frogs seek such places as their habitat.

It is general that there will be wooden piles or bushes around the lawn. This way, the frogs get suitable places to hide. Also, they search for places where they can easily access food.

Because of all these things, you will notice frogs getting into your hot tubs willingly.

How To Keep Frogs Out Of Hot Tub?: 5 Easiest Ways

The best you can do is make your hot tub unattractive for the frogs or make them an alternative space on your lawn. 

Here you will need to gather a few things to start the job:

  • Custom Fitted Tub Cover
  • Lawn Mower
  • Lawn Trimmer
  • Native Grass Seed
  • Native Wildflower Seed
  • PVC pipe
  • Handsaw
  • Rubber mallet

Follow the Process Below:

1. Get a Customized Tub Cover

Firstly get an air tight hot tub cover that will fit the hot tub thoroughly without leaving gaps for entering frogs. You must put the cover snugly whenever you’re not using the tub. 

2. Mow The Lawn

Now, mow the lawn well, trim away all the vegetation, and remove all the sticks and logs around the hot tub. Ensure there are no such things that frogs can use as their food at least 10 feet around the tub. 

3. Trim & Remove Sticks

You can trim and remove all the sticks using a lawn trimmer. This will make sure you’re getting absolutely no frogs on the lawn. This will also eliminate the hiding spots for frogs. 

4. Keep The Yard Clean 

Now, make sure you’re keeping the yard clean and free from the garbage. Don’t place anything in the yard that attracts flies or insects. The Thai way, you’re removing food for the frogs, and they will stop visiting the yard automatically.

5. Make An alternative Place for The Frogs

It’s time to make an alternate area somewhere else that will stop them from going toward the tub. If your lawn has some existing pond/ water area, you can decorate the place to attract frogs. This is a great option for those who don’t want these little creatures to leave the lawn. Well, you can sow some grass seed or wildflower seeds around that place. 

Take 3 feet long PVC pies and cut them at a 45-degree angle. Now, place the pipe end on the ground well. This will be the ultimate home for the frogs.  

If you want a smart solution, go for this amazing hot tub accessory that will stop frogs. Follow this blog post to learn about the installation process in detail on Frog Stop. 

Homemade Repellents to Stop Frogs from Entering Your Hot Tub

It’s unbelievable but true that there are no commercial frog repellents that you can use around your tub. 

However, there are some snake repellents that people alternatively use for frogs. You need to apply those repellents every four to eight weeks around your yard to keep the frogs away. Those commercial products might cost a lot of bucks. 

Instead, use these incredible homemade things that will keep the frogs the same and, at the same time, will protect the hot tub:


Bleach is something that is found in every other house. Use ⅓ cup of bleach with 3 gallons of fresh water. 

Now, pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture well all around the tub area, and it will keep the frogs away. 

Citric acid

Citric acid is a strong acidic formula that will keep frogs, snakes, and other insects away. 

If you are using them around your tub, maintain 1:3 = dry citric: water. Now, put the mixture in a spray bottle. Remember, direct exposure to this acid will kill the frogs.

 If you spray them around, they might damage the plants. Ensure you’re rinsing the plants well after removing the frogs. You will get around 1 hour to save the plants after attacking those frogs. 

Saltwater / Caffeine

Booth saltwater and caffeine are deadly things for frogs. If you can’t get rid of the frogs around your tub, try spraying these things. Saltwater basically brings dehydration for the frogs.

And only about 2% of caffeine solution can easily kill all the frogs. So, with these things, frogs can not survive around your hot tub. 

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Tub Safe From Frogs

Here are a few more things that will stop the frogs from getting into your hot tub:

  • You can get a fence around the hot tub. This will not only keep the frogs away but also stop larger animals from reaching your hot tub.
  • You should keep checking the welcome mats or another cabinet for damages. Especially if there is any kind of crack, frogs can enter from there. If you notice any damages, fix them immediately.
  • You should also take care of the tub water chemistry. Maintaining the pH level is essential to keep the water away from contamination. Such water will neither grow any bacertais and that will not attract bugs. Ensure you’re changing the tub water every three months and sanitizing it. 
  • Use mint and peppermint oil balls in the hot tub water. This gives the water an additional soothing scent and keeps it protected from frogs. 
  • Try using the tub regularly when it is on. Else, seal the tub well and leave no gap for entering frogs or any kinds of insects inside them. 
  • You can use citronella or copper as well. These scents are not favorable for frog inhibition.

FAQs Related Stop Killing/ Coming Forgs to Hot Tub

Does vinegar stop frogs?

Yes, vinegar can stop frogs. The smell and the acidity of vinegar are unpleasant for frogs even irritating to their skin. But, using vinegar may change the pH level of your hot tub, which could affect its maintenance.

What does salt do to frogs?

Salt can dehydrate frogs and other amphibians. Their bodies are not suitable for handling high salt levels, so exposure to a salty environment can be harmful to them even death. But, adding a large amount of salt to a hot tub may not be suitable for the hot tub’s maintenance or for human use.

Does chlorine kill frogs?

While chlorine in high concentrations can be harmful to frogs, it typically kills them. Frogs have been known to survive a little time in chlorinated pools and hot tubs. But, chlorine can irritate their skin and eyes, and long-term exposure could lead to death.

Are there any long-term solutions to keep frogs out of my hot tub?

Yes, controlling the variables of frog habitat around your hot tub can help to keep them at bay in the long term. This includes getting rid of structures where frogs can hide and regularly mowing your lawn to keep insect populations low.

Wrap Up

Frogs always look for hot and warm places to rest. During winter, hot tub water is heaven for them. However, you obviously won’t want these thighs ruining your hot tub relaxing moments. 

By this point, you must have known how to keep frogs out of your tub. Remember, you should harm these creatures but coexist peacefully with nature while preserving the sanctity of your hot tub.

Interestingly, you can stop slugs from getting into the tub with the same method. 


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