how to fix hot tub jets blowing out

How to Fix Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out [11 Steps]

Whenever there is something wrong in our hot tub, we simply call a plumber to fix it and pay a lot of money. But there are a few common hot tub issues, that we can solve in our home. Among them fixing a hot tub jet blowing out is a regular one.

Though this problem sounds critical you can fix it following a few steps. But it’s also true that it’s not so easy and you can do it within a few minutes.

So, you can try fixing the hot tub jet only if you have some essential tools that are needed in this case and also you have enough time for it. Let’s first check what we will need to fix this issue.

Things You’ll Need to Fix Hot Tub Jet Blowing Out

For sure, you will need a few tools to fit the hot tub jet. So, please collect the following tools and then look for the steps to fix the jet.

  • Screwdriver
  • Plunger
  • Teflon tape
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Gasket lubricant
  • Hot tub cleaner
  • Clean cloth
  • Replacement jet parts
  • Garden hose
  • A high-pressure Hoss nozzle

Here, you might not need all the tools and also, you might need a few more tools. This is depending on the type of hot tub and some other things. However, you can replace the Gasket lubricant with a plumber’s grease and the Teflon tape with regular plumber tape.

Fixing Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out with Easy 11 Steps

First of all, we suggest you call a professional if you are new to a hot tub. But if you have good experience in handling the mechanism of a hot tub, you can fix the hot tub blowing out by following the steps below.

But, you need to ensure some safety measures. The very first thing you need to do is to disconnect all the power sources with the hot tub. Make sure that the tub is safe to work on. And then, you can start.

Step #1: Hot Tub Jets Observation

You need to start by inspecting the jets for any type of damage, worn-up conditions, weak fittings, etc. If there is any sign of a problem or visible damage, you should immediately repair or replace them without any doubt.

Step #2: Washing Jets

Next, you need to clean the jets properly. Remove all the debris or junk on them. They can be easily cleaned using a brush with hot tub cleaner products or any type of vinegar at home.

If the buildups are hard to clean up or any type of mineral deposits are visible, you should work with pressurized water force using a suitable garden hose setup. Once cleaned, you should wipe dry the jets as soon as possible using a fresh dry cloth.

Step #3: Dispel the Jet Assembly

At this point, you have to remove the jet assembly holding that with care. To remove that you can use a wrench and screwdriver whichever suits the setup.

Make sure to remove the jet assembly from the hot tub with extra care. You must not damage other components while removing the jet assembly.

Step #4: Examine and Clean the Assembly Components

In this phase, one should observe the components of the jet assembly. If there are any signs of junk, damage, wear and tear the affected parts or components should be removed and replaced.

In this case, you should try to use the proper tools and appropriate parts while swapping.

Then, clean the components cautiously. You can use a brush or cleaning cloth to apply the dedicated hot tub cleaner or vinegar solution on the target components.

Then you should submerge them into the water or rinse them thoroughly using a hose pipe. After the wash, dry each of the components with a fresh lint-free cloth immediately.

Step #5: Use Components lubrication

It is time to lubricate the moving parts of the jet assembly components. You can apply any good quality plumbers grease or gasket grease on them.

A thin layer of lubricants on the gasket, o-rings, and moving parts is enough. This will greatly help the general operations as well as protect them from possible leaks.

Step #6: Reinstating the Jet Assembly

Now, you have to reassemble the jet assembly. If any parts were damaged, you must replace them before the retouching.

You must follow the guidelines provided and secure the jet assembly with the previously removed bolts and screws. If there are any damaged bolts it is better to replace them.

Once the jet is ready, you should cautiously install it in the hot tub. You must remain extra careful and you should check the fittings and placement of the jet assembly on the tub.

The alignment should be properly checked before tightening up the bolts and screws on the dedicated place. Always double-check the fittings if they are secured adequately or not.

Step #7: Usage of plumber’s or Teflon tape

Application of Teflon-based tape or plumber’s tape is always better to make the fittings tight and sealed.

Teflon tape
Teflon tape

A thin layer of such tape around the threads of jet assembly fittings can make the setup water sealed. Moreover, this initiative will prevent or decrease possible leakage sharply.

Step #8: Possible Leak inspection

Now, you should reconnect all the wires and power up the hot tub to check if that is up and running. Let the water flow through the hot tub and scan out if any water leakages are present.

Especially check the jet assembly and crucial fittings areas. If you find any leakage or other issues, you should unplug the power source and disassemble the problematic parts.

Here, you should take the necessary steps to solve the issues and repeat them if further required.

Step #9: Clearing the Air blockages

After the reinstallation, if the jets are blowing out then there should be a possible case of airlock in the plumbing. To remove the airlock you can use a plunger to make an air pressure difference in the plumbing system.

To use the plunger properly, you have to place the plunger over the opening of the jet and push it down. Then immediately pull up which will force the water to fill up the jet and unclog any trapped air in the process.

clog hot tub filter with hair
Clog hot tub filter with hair

Step #10: Pressure Adjustment of the Jet

Sometimes the jet blowing keeps on going even after the air unclogging. After air clearing, if you see the same condition, it might be a cause of high jet pressure.

In this condition, you have to adjust the pressure control system of the hot tub. This will reduce the water flow and overall force of the operational jets. The blowing should be stopped or decreased after this adjustment.

You will find the adjustment facility in the control system knobs or any other type of switch or knobs, according to the hot tub design.

Step #11: Observing the Hot Tub’s filter and pump

After checking all the possible factors of the blowing out problem still remains, the issues might be in the pump or the filters.

At this point, you must check the filters and the pump for any type of visible damage, junk build-up, clogs, or unusual behaviors.

You can clean the filters or even alter them with new ones and for the pump if any parts are damaged or malfunctioning those should be immediately replaced. If some parts are repairable make them serviceable and reassemble them for a quick check quality check.

So, this is how you can fix hot tub jets blowing out. Remember that, it is essential to follow the steps sequentially.

FAQs Related to Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out

Why do my hot tub jets pop out?

There are many different reasons why your hot tub jets pop up. The main reason is excessive chlorine in the water that makes the material of the jet brittle and that results in a broken jet that pops out.

Why are my hot tub jets not blowing?

Among all the reasons why your hot tub jets not blowing, faulty circulation pump, excessive chlorine content, clogged filter, and water intake issues are the most common causes.

How to blow up clogged water or air in the hot tub jets?

You can use a hot tub pump pressure to get rid of the clogged water or air in the hot tub jets. There can be other reasons and oftentimes, you’ll need help from the professionals.

Bottom Line

For sure, blowing out jets is a common irritating issue for a hot tub. When you will identify this problem, you shouldn’t abandon it or take it lightly. Remember that this problem can affect the water chemistry and cause serious damage to your hot tub.

Hopefully, you’ve understood the solution of how to fix hot tub jets blowing out. Thanks a million, times for your time.

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