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Hot Tub in Basement: Reasons to Install-Benefits & Cost Ideas

What do you think about having a hot tub at your home? I am sure that most of you think it to have either inside the biggest washroom at your home or on the rooftop, or on the yard.

But only a few can think of a different way to have it in the basement. I must appreciate them for having such an innovative idea.

In this case, most people can be confused thinking about if it is possible to set up a hot tub in the basement. If you are thinking so, I must answer that it is possible to make your hot tub in the basement.

There is no matter to be confused about and choosing a basement for your hot tub can be an ideal place. But you need to be tricky and have a proper plan for that.

There are some essential factors you need to consider while planning and setting up your hot tub in the basement.

And I am going to talk about all those factors here in one place. So, please be patient and check out the following points to gather ideas on cost, benefits, and facts to consider about a basement spa.

Things to Consider While Installing a Hot Tub in a Basement

Setting a hot tub inside the home is a more complex fact than setting it outside. And when it is in the basement, I guess you have to face a lot of difficulties.

Still, that can’t be the reason you stop making your basement spa. However, make sure to consider the following factors to set up your hot space in the vacant basement area.

1. Humidity And Ventilation

If your basement is succinct by walls and stuff, you need to ensure a better ventilation system for the place. It is essential for humidity and getting enough Oxygen as well. So, the first thing you need to consider is to ensure proper ventilation.

While decorating the basement, you can create a window that can pass air and light. In most basements, there are places for high-wall windows and if you have some, fix them properly.

Besides, you can set up an outdoor air-passing fan that can pass air inside the room and bring fresh air from inside.

The next solution is to keep a humidifier near the tub. It will help you keep the humidity level perfect. Also, it is better not to keep any houseplants inside the basement as plants can increase the humidity level.

Finally, you can hire a professional to ensure a better ventilation fan or system in the basement.

2. Choose the Right Space

Next, you need to choose an appropriate space for setting up your hot tub. Your basement may not have a specific place for setting up a washroom.

If so, you need to renovate a place where you will get enough sources to connect the water line and electricity.

While choosing the space, you should check if it is possible to ensure enough ventilation and other factors.

Also, it is essential to choose the place that lets you make an easy drainage system. At the same time, you need to do some renovation to save the floor and wall.

3. Design Considerations

Designing the area where you’re going to place the hot tub is the most crucial part to set the hot tub in the basement.

If your basement is not renovated properly, it is better to hire an architect or a professional contractor. But you can do it all by yourself as well if you’ve enough skill and you are well determined.

There are many sections you need to make proper planning for the tub. A single problem can make the entire thing good for nothing.

So, you need to be careful of every single factor. While designing your hot tub area in the basement you need to consider the following factors.

  • Access to electricity and water sources.
  • A flawless drainage system.
  • Floors with a waterproof area.
  • the waterproof wall around the tub.
  • Wall design around the tub.
  • Proper ventilation and light setup.
  • Sitting area and racks for storage.
  • Water heater setting.
  • Entry and privacy settings.
  • Window and outdoor fan settings.
  • Water absorbing area around the tub.
nice design hot tub in basement
Photo Credit: Aquatic Rock Formations, LLC

4. Electricity Supply

Next, it’s essential to check the electricity supply area. Having a lot of electrical outlets in your basement may not work. You need to ensure that they can work to operate the indoor spa and water heater.

In most houses, the general electric outlet cannot supply enough power to operate a hot tub. So, you need to hire an electrician who will place a high-power outlet for the space.

At the same time, you need to fix the place where the electric wires will be going on.

5. Water Supply

For your hot tub, having a proper water source is a must. So, you need to make sure that the source you have in your basement can supply clean water at a proper speed.

But most basements do not have any source of water unless it is well renovated. So, you might need to hire a plumber who can recreate a water source properly.

Generally, a hot tub needs 200 to 600 gallons of water to fill. It is a huge amount for sure but you can handle it even if you don’t have a water source in the basement.

You can simply use a garden hose to fill the tub. But I will not recommend it unless setting the water source is tough for you.

6. Drainage

Finally, you have to look for the drainage system. It is a must-have for any type of tub. When you use the tub, water might flow over and fall outside the tub.

So, using drainage that covers the entire area is essential. But many people use a hose leading to the yard to vacant the tub.

This is pretty much a hassle and I will not recommend it either. Eventually, keeping the tub clean will be very tough if you follow the system.

I prefer spending money at once and ensuring a better way for all the facts including water, drainage, and others.

Benefits of Having a Hot Tub Indoors

After checking the facts to consider while setting your hot tub in the basement, you might get demotivated.

But once you learn about the benefit of having a hot tub, I am sure you will not think of the effort and cost you might need for it.

Let’s have a look over the benefit of having your basement hot tub.

1. Proper Use of the Vancent Basement

First of all, having a spa in the basement means you are using the vacant place properly. So, the area will not look like the basement in the horror movies like The Conjuring. Sounds funny, right? But it’s true.

Using your basement for any purpose regularly keeps it cleaner, and removes the risk of sudden collapse.

So, making a hot tub in the vacant place is a very nice and relaxing idea to keep the place in use.

Vancent Basement

2. Privacy Protected

Most people love to have a hot tub outside the home, mostly in the yard. But that cannot ensure strong privacy.

The water can be dirty with bird waste and intruders can break your privacy. But when your tub is inside your home, you will not have to think about such embarrassing facts.

3. Space Saving

An indoor hot tub requires a lot of space inside your home. So when you do not want to waste such a huge space for the tub, the only way left is to set it in the basement.

In this way, you can spend even larger space for making a huge tub for your entire family.

4. Ensure a Nice Climate

I’m not sure if you are aware that a basement tub can help you control the climate at your home. The temperature of the hot water can keep the basement warm on extremely cold days.

Also, if you keep the water cool, then it will keep the area colder in summer.

5. No Risk of Damaging Your Space

A basement tub is completely risk-free and there is almost no way it can damage the area. But you need to make sure that you have made it properly with waterproofing technology.

It is better to hire some professional to make this case. But once you have made it properly, there won’t be a problem to think of.

How Much Does It Cost to Set a Hot tub in the Basement?

It is not possible for me to give you an exact amount of the cost. But I can give you an estimation that will help you figure out the sum you need.

You need to buy an inground hot tub first. This type of hot table is available from $5k to $15k. The price is depending on the size, facilities, brands, designs, and depth.

For the tub installation, you might have to pay $1k to $2k. And it also depends on the same factors as well.

If your basement does not have proper drainage, electricity source, and water source, you have to pay more. For Electricity, you need to pay $500 to $1k, depending on the source distance, outlet accessories, and electrician bills.

For the water source and drainage, you might need $500 to $1500 more. And if you use a hose, you will get it for $100.

Finally, you need to pay for the decoration and ventilation. It will depend on your choice of design and ventilation system. It is possible to cover it up with $2k to $5k.

So, the entire system might need around $10k to $25k. If you use an inflatable hot tub the cost will be lower. However, it will be a wonderful investment, if you install your hot tub in the basement.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, setting a hot tub in the basement is an expensive fact. But it is for sure, a nice idea if you love spas and hot baths so often.

The money you spend on a professional spa bath for a whole year can be saved if you have your own solution. So, you should try it for sure if you have enough space, money, and effort.

Once again, I would like to suggest you consult a professional for the entire setup if you are not a specialist.

It will help you complete the renovation properly and can be money-saving too. Best of luck with the big move you are going to take in the basement.


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