can you get an std from a hot tub

Can You Get an STD from a Hot Tub?

STDs are one of the most alarming and, at the same time, irritating diseases. A lot of people are affected by it but still do not have any idea about it.

It is a type of disease that can be transmitted to people by an affected person through intimate acts. That is why many people ask, ‘can you get an STD from a hot tub?’

This common question is controversial as people have mixed opinions on it. But the fact is, it is possible to get an STD from a hot tub, even from a pool, only if the person gets intimated in it.

Besides, there are some other factors one should learn to be safe from. And that is what I will talk about in this article.

What is an STD?

Like many other contagious diseases, an STD is a category of disease that occurs through sexual interactions.

According to the CDC’s report on STIs, STDs are also known as STIs, which means sexually transmitted infections. These are very concerning infections as they are widespread and hard to detect.

These diseases are generally caused by sexual activity, such as vaginal, anal, and oral sex, among men and women. Bodily fluids can also transmit it.

No matter the sexual orientation, STDs can happen to anyone of any age group. STDs can also pass through regular physical contact if there are vulnerabilities.

One of the most alarming facts about STIs is they are hardly visible. This means STDs do not show symptoms most of the time.

So, it is always recommended to test for possible STDs before making any sexual contact with anyone new. This is required for both parties.

STDs can be fetal, yet most of them can be treated, and some are entirely curable. This is true if actions are taken in the proper time frame.

So, sexually active persons should take STD tests on a routine basis. Moreover, one can prevent STDs if one uses standard protection measures while having such sexual interactions.

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Can You Get an STD from a Hot Tub?

It might be a low-risk area to be considered, but yes, it is true that you can get an STD from a hot tub. You can get STD if anyone with STD shares the tub with you.

According to the National Library of Medicine, there are over 20 types of STIs, such as herpes, syphilis, HPV, and others. And some of them can easily pass through a hot tub.

Though STIs are not always passable if there is no presence of sexual activity. But if someone commits sex in the hot tub, they will likely get infected with an STD.

Among the STDs, herpes can even pass without having sex in the tub. To lessen the possibility of STDs, you should shower after the hot tub.

Dr. Bani conducted research on STIs on 24 May 2019, which he published on the Your Sexual Health” Blog. He says swimming pools and hot tubs are safe for STDs, but being intimate is not a good idea in such places. There is a high risk of being affected by STDs if people have sex in the pool.

It is always best to use condoms or other protection methods such as PREP to reduce the risk of severe STDs like HIV. If possible, one should not engage in such conditions if the other people are complete strangers. So, it is best to skip public hot baths.

A sexually active person should conduct STD tests routinely. If you have multiple partners, you should be cautious about your partners’ health before doing anything sexual.

Even if you do not want to be intimate, you should know about other people’s health conditions before joining a hot bath.

If any of your partners or even you get any STI-related symptoms, it is best to get tested and apply proper medication. The sooner, the better for these pesky STDs; surely, you do not want to spray any particular STD on others.

What Factors Increase the Risk of Contracting an STD from a Hot Tub?

Many reasons amplify the risk of getting an STD from a hot tub. This is more true for public baths, such as hotel hot tubs, spas, and hot springs.

If you are unsure about other people, you should not join in such a place. And having a steamy romantic session with your partner is out of the question.

Yes, having sexual activity in the water is always a bad idea. That goes even more severe if that action is done in a hot bath.

If the hot tub is not your personal property, you must have intimate sessions there. This increases the risk of contracting harmful STIs for many vulnerabilities.

Even if one uses condoms, hot water can severely deteriorate the integrity and let that break. So, all types of STDs can pass through.

For women, the hot water and trace of chlorine in bath water can dwindle the natural pH balance in their reproductive organs. That can eventually lead to yeast infections and UTIs.

Some STDs, bacteria, and virus-based infections can be passed through water if there are any intimate interactions. If there are no active sexual contacts, the risk of getting infections is little to even zero. But the risk increases significantly if the people in the bathwater or hot tub have any skin diseases or other STDs.

How to Reduce the Risk of Contracting an STD from a Hot Tub

Now, the question is if one can follow any safety measures while in a hot tub. So, if you are afraid of getting an STD from a hot tub, you can check out the following safety issues and ensure better self-protection.

  • Try to be in a hot tub alone.
  • Make sure not to have sex in a hot tub with your partner.
  • If you need to be intimated in a hot tub, ensure sufficient protection.
  • Make sure to have clean water in the hot tub.
  • Ensure to follow all the pool and tub inspection tips by CDC.
  • Try to make a habit of having a shower after using the hot tub.

Besides, you should regularly test STDs to stay safe and healthy. In the primary state, it will be easier to treat. But if it is too late, you may suffer a lot. Also, you should try to stay safe in a hot tub while soaking for a longer time.

So, taking precautions is always better than waiting to get affected.

Common Misconceptions About Getting an STD from a Hot Tub

There are many misconceptions about the hot tub and SDTs which indeed make people careless about the fact. So, to be safe and healthy, you should surely be aware of those myths.

You should also make corrections if anyone familiar to you also believes in such myths.

Many people think a hot tub is entirely safe and they cannot get affected by this disease because of the hot water. But hot water cannot kill these germs.

Similarly, chlorine is not able to kill it as well. According to Reproductive Healthcare of the Big Horns, Neither Chlorine nor hot water can kill SDTs. So, people cannot be completely safe in a hot tub.

Final Verdict

STD is not a joke; it is one of the most pesky germs you can get, especially for being intimate with an affected person. The worst thing is you cannot possibly know that you are affected even if you suffer.

So, testing it regularly can help you be safe and healthy. And if you are somehow affected by it, you should immediately consult a Doctor before your partner gets involved.

In the end, I am warning you again that you can get an STD from a hot tub, especially if you are intimate. So, take precautions and always follow the safety measures to stay healthy.


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