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Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas: 10 Creative Ways to Add Privacy

If you ask people what’s better between indoor and outdoor hot tubs, I’m sure, most of them go for an outdoor one. That’s why a hot tub is so common in commoners’ backyards.

But here, the most challenging part is to ensure strong privacy. And I’m pretty sure that you are here hoping to learn about some effective backyard hot tub privacy ideas.

I’m not going to disappoint you today and I really have some innovative ideas to share. For sure, there are some DIY hacks and some ideas that need a professional’s hands.

So, check out the following ideas to make your own outdoor hot tub privacy shades.

10 Best DIY Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas That Works

1. Fence Extension

fence fxtension
Photo Credit: Hotflake

If you want to update your backyard hot tub privacy measures, an extended fence will suit the best. You can add the fence horizontally covering some sides of the tub according to your need.

This way one can cover up to 2 sides in a horizontal design.

You can decorate the outdoor area of the plot of your house in different ways. These two-sided or single-sided fences offer a quite good outlook of your home.

It suits best in the backward lawn areas. Horizontal fences can keep the main lawn area separated and keep the tub’s privacy.

This type of fence extension is cost-effective and in some cases, only a single-sided fence might do the work. You can easily access the tub from the house door.

If you use glass doors and windows, interior lights will provide sufficient light to the bathtub area. As the upper side is open, you will always have adequate room to add lights If needed.

2. Wooden Hot Tub Gazebo With Bar

wooden hot tub gazebo with bar
Photo Credit: The Home Depot

A gazebo can be a great option if you want to get additional privacy in your outdoor bathtub. It would be great if the plot’s environment is garden-like.

You can build a wooden gazebo over the bathtub to cover up the upper side and with a proper base, it could support more mobile fences whenever required.

This type of cover can be a great setup for the backyard kitchen and dining area. Moreover, a wooden gazebo can be a formidable shelter for the bathtub all year long, as it is capable of withstanding almost all weather conditions.

The privacy features are just another sweet outcome of this beautiful decor. Again, if your neighborhood has high-rising buildings then a wooden gazebo would fit the best.

As it will provide options for fences around the sides and the upper part is already covered with eye-catching structures. You can also add some weatherproofing coasting on the gazebo base for optimal durability.

3. Woven Reed Fence

woven reed fence
Photo Credit: SPELL

The next one is a very classy solution to ensure perfect outdoor hot tub privacy. Just install a woven reed fence around the tub or the blank space.

This type of woven fence is very cheap and almost available everywhere. Installing them around the hot tub won’t be a problem at all and you can simply do it all by yourself.

Eventually, you can install this type of fence vertically or horizontally. They look amazing and give a rustic look to an ordinary place.

They look even more beautiful if you manage to plant some flower trees around the place or hang some hanging plants like money plants, English ivy, morning glory, etc.

4. Frosted Glass Fencing

frosted glass fencing
Photo Credit: Glass vice Products

If you are ready to pay a few hundred dollars to have a bright way that ensures privacy around your hot tub, try a frosted glass fence.

This type of glass-made fence is expensive and you might pay more to install it. Still, it is the most used solution people use for hot tub privacy.

Most people go for this backyard hot tub privacy idea because it doesn’t make the area dark and gloomy like a sheer or screening fence.

Instead, it ensures enough sunlight and makes the place bright and beautiful. At the same time, it keeps the area unseeable from the outside. So, you don’t need to think about protection.

5. Sail Shade

Sail Shade
Photo Credit: Coolaroo

What if your hot tub area is in an open space and there are lots of tall buildings nearby? You must love to have roof privacy, right?

Installing a roof can be time-consuming and costly. But if you install a sail shade, you almost need nothing but the shading cloth or canvas sheet.

It is the cheapest way to have shade on the roof. Even if there is no tall building nearby, you should have a roofing shade to save your skin from sunshine and save the water from being polluted by bird waste.

However, you will need some rope, shading clothes, and a hook to install this type of roof shade that looks like a boat sail.

If you have wooden pillars nearby, you don’t even need rope to hang the cloth. Make sure to hang it tightly and choose a cloth that is bigger than the tub area.

6. Curtains for Hot Tub Privacy

curtains for hot tub privacy
Photo Credit: Linda Russell

The cheapest solution for making temporary shades to ensure privacy around the hot tub is using a curtain.

You can use any type of cloth to make a curtain and hang it around the tub using a curtain stick or rope. Eventually, you don’t need to hire people to install the curtain or make it.

When you won’t use it, you can simply remove the curtain and keep the place open. But you need to ensure that the curtain won’t fly off because of air or other outside force.

This is the reason, it is not a secure solution but you can use it temporarily. However, if you manage to make a nice-looking curtain, it will definitely give the place a magical look.

7. Bamboo for Subtle Screening

bamboo for subtle screening

When greens and trees can do the most work for lawn and bathtub separation, why wait? It’s best to get greens other than man-made structures.

Bamboo is a great option for such a setup, they even grow very quickly and last for a long time. You can easily make a fence-like pattern out of a bunch of bamboo trees on your plot.

If you have a backyard kitchen or dining near the tub, some properly arranged bamboo plants can divide the tub from the open lawn area.

You can enjoy a beautiful natural scene while having a blissful bath. The bottle green view will elevate the therapeutic bath to the next level.

8. Retractable Hot Tub Screens

retractable hot tub screens
Photo Credit: A&B Accessories

Another way to ensure hot tub privacy is using retractable screens around the hot tub whenever required.

This way is very flexible and you can use the screens any way you want. Some screens you can find in the market are packed with numerous features.

They are made with waterproofing materials. You can move and set the screens to block wind and snow from getting into the tub directly.

The best part of these retractable spa screens is their affordability. You can even make your own screens if you can gather the right materials.

If you place your hot tub beside the fence just one of two side screens could cover up the lawn area. Even if you have other setups, keeping a retractable screen set is always a good idea for a privacy boost.

9. Privacy Hedge

privacy hedge

If you look for a natural idea to ensure privacy around your hot tub, you can also plant a hedge around it. Hedge means a row of bushy trees that literally make a shade that works for privacy.

If you want to plant those trees by yourself, they might take months to grow bigger enough to make shades.

If you want a quick solution, you need to buy big and bushy plants and set them around the hot tub area. But make sure that the plants are bushy and it is not possible to look from the other side.

I normally never suggest this solution unless someone loves nature so much. It’s because the tree branches can break and make hollow spaces that might destroy your privacy.

But this solution must bring a naturalistic look to the area. You can still use a net curtain around the tub if there is a privacy hedge.

10. Outdoor Sheers

outdoor sheers on hot tub

Essentially, sheer is similar to a curtain. Still, I am suggesting it separately because an outdoor sheer is not like a normal curtain.

It comes with a hoop and you need to hang it over the tub. The entire system looks similar to a fairytale bed curtain.

From my perspective, it’s one of the prettiest backyard hot tub privacy ideas you can try.

However, if you manage to use some stones or heavy objects to place over the leaving sheer on the ground, there is no chance for them to fly off. But you need to make sure that the place is safe from outsiders.

Final Verdict

Privacy is always important whether it’s an outdoor or indoor tub area. Though you don’t need to think much about the indoor tub, you need to be extra careful when you want to enjoy having a hot bath outdoors.

And the following backyard hot tub privacy ideas must help you ensure strong privacy around the area. Share with us about the other ways you follow to ensure privacy in your backyard hot tub area.

I always love to learn about new ideas and I’ll appreciate your effort in responding to me. Thank you in advance.


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